Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain blank Certificates of Origin?
They can be obtained from our office at One Old Hall Street or we can supply them to you through the post once your payment has been received.

Can a Certificate of Origin be completed online?
Yes Arab-British Certificates of Origin which are to be certified only can be applied for online as well as all EC Certificates of Origin by following the link

What is the difference between Arab and EC Certificates of Origin?
Arab Certificates of Origin cover the Arab League States (see minimum requirements sheet) whilst EC Certificates of Origin are used for all the other parts of the world?

What are the time scales involved?
EC Certificates can be issued straight away if required. However your signature must be held by us on a Formal Undertaking which must be renewed annually. Arab Documentation will take 72 hours for certification only and a further 4 to 5 days for documents that require legalisation at the relevant Embassy.

What are the costs involved?
You can download our Arab Documentation minimum requirements price list from our website, along with the prices for EC documentation. However, for any other legalisation prices please call our office on 0151 227 1173

Do you certifiy invoices and other documents?
Yes we do. The documents must be signed by a signatory that is listed on the company formal undertaking that you have registered with us.

Do you require copies of the documents?
Yes we require for 4 copies of all Arab and Egyptian documents. For all other types of documents we need one copy for our records.

Do the Certificates of Origin have to be signed by the company?
Yes they most certainly do. The Arab Certificate must have the green control and blue application copies signed. On the EC Certificate only the pink application copy needs to be signed.

Do I have to show the manufacturers name/s and address/es on the front of the Arab Certificate of Origin?
Yes this information must be shown to meet the requirements of the Arab Embassies.

Do I have to complete the back of the EC pink application?
Yes and be aware that you can only tick the top box if the goods are natural products e.g. minerals, vegetables, animal or fishery products

Do I have to include weights on my Certificates of Origin?
Yes, it can be the gross or net or preferably both.

Can I get extra copies of the Certificates certified and/or legalised?
Yes, but there are additional charges involved both for the blank forms and the processing procedures. Please contact the Export Documentation department for further details.

Do all embassies have different fees for legalisation of documents?
Yes and different rules as well. If you need more information please contact the department.