Clatterbridge Private Clinic: International Nurses Day 2021

Wed, May 12th, 2021

Clatterbridge Private Clinic celebrates International Nurses Day 2021

Every year on May 12th we celebrate International Nurses Day. It’s an opportunity for us to say thank you to all our wonderful nurses who work tirelessly to provide excellent cancer care to all our patients.

This date is a significant one for the nursing profession, as it marks the birthday of one of its most famous members: Florence Nightingale. “The Lady with the Lamp” has long represented the courage and care at the heart of nursing. She was also responsible for setting up the first dedicated training school for nurses in 1860. So, on the anniversary of her birth, it is only right that we celebrate the passion, commitment and dedication of nurses throughout the world.

The impact of COVID-19
This year more than ever, it is vital that we recognise the major contribution nurses make to our health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for all of us. But for care workers especially, it's been a year unlike any other. It should not go without saying that their professionalism in the face of an unprecedented crisis has saved countless lives.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, nurses have put themselves in harm’s way to bring frontline care to millions in need. As a result of this incredible commitment, nurses themselves have inevitably been exposed to the virus. According to the International Council of Nurses (ICN), by the end of 2020, more than 1.6 million healthcare workers had been infected by COVID-19. As the ICN themselves note, this figure is no doubt lower than the real total.

In spite of these risks, nurses have continued to provide the highest level of care. This courage must be recognised, and International Nurses Day is the perfect time to do so.

True dedication
Of course, nurses have not only provided vital treatment for those infected with the virus. They have also continued to support all those who require long-term healthcare, whose needs have not lessened during this crisis. Indeed, for many of our patients, their needs have only intensified. Here at Clatterbridge Private Clinic, our nurses have continued to provide the essential care that our patients need. They have been the first line of support for our cancer patients, showing a truly inspiring level of dedication.

Despite all the hardships this year has brought, our nurses have kept going. And not just that – they’ve also shown an amazing positivity. For some, it has been the most difficult year of their professional lives. But through it all, they've kept their spirits high. This has certainly helped our patients to stay optimistic in these sorely trying times. This emotional support cannot be overlooked. Our nurses have truly gone above and beyond.

A little celebration
Here at Clatterbridge Private Clinic, we think it’s important to recognise the achievements of our nursing team each and every year. This year, however, we want to make a special effort. That’s why we’ve arranged a special International Nurses Day celebration across both our sites. In both the Liverpool and Wirral clinic, our staff are being treated to afternoon tea, and we’re encouraging any patients receiving treatment that day to join in with the celebrations too. This is just our little way of showing our nurses how much we value all that they do.

“The nurses have been outstanding and have managed to keep a positive resolve throughout the last year. For some working through COVID, it has been the biggest challenge they have had to face so far in their careers. I want to say thank you to the clinic’s nurses and well done for keeping our patients and our team safe” said Jacqui McElhinney, Registered Manager of the Clatterbridge Private Clinic.

If you’re interested in helping to celebrate International Nurses Day, or just want more information about how COVID-19 has impacted the profession, visit the ICN website. You can also head over to the Royal College of Nurses website. They are providing an eye-catching frame for your social media profile to help make your appreciation known. You can also print out some handy posters to help spread the word.

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